Options for Hosting Your Company Website

As a website owner, you know that having a great website design is important to your business but your web hosting is also a key component to any successful site. Choosing the best WordPress Hosting for your needs can improve your SEO and increase sales. There are various different types of WordPress hosting options available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed WordPress Hosting. In this article we will help you choose the best type of hosting for your site so you can start getting more traffic and making money!

Managed WordPress Hosting

The most important thing to consider when choosing web hosting is your budget. If you don’t have a lot of money and need the best deal possible, then managed WordPress hosting may be right for you. A managed plan allows for quick and easy setup of your WordPress site. If your site was built using a premium theme, this might be a good option for you.

Shared Servers

Hosting your website on a shared server means that you will be sharing resources with other websites hosted on the same server. This includes CPU time, memory and disk space. If one of the websites on the server starts to use too many resources, it can cause problems for all of the websites hosted on the server. For this reason, it is important to choose a shared hosting plan that has enough resources for your website.

Virtual Private Servers

If you have a larger budget and want more control over your website, then VPS or Dedicated hosting may be the best option for you. With VPS hosting, you will get your own virtual server that you can use to host your website. This means that you will have full control over your server and can install any software or plugin that you would like. These are still shared servers but a portion of the server is partitioned off and dedicated to you alone as the customer.

Dedicated Servers

If you choose to go with dedicated hosting, then the entire web server is yours! You will not share resources as there are no other websites hosted on the same machine as your website. In addition, you will be able to install any software and use more resources than with a VPS plan. The downside of dedicated servers is that they can cost quite a bit due to the high amount of hardware involved in running them. You also need to have an understanding of how they work as you’ll need to handle many of the maintenance tasks yourself. With most companies you can however pay for a managed plan. Companies like GoDaddy offer server support for an extra fee. That way if you get in over your head you can ask their server team for help/

Free WordPress Hosting

There are also some free hosting options out there such as Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress.com. These are a good option for small websites or if you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to spend on hosting. Keep in mind that with free hosting, you will not have as much control over your website as you would with other paid options.

No matter your budget there are options to host your website and plenty of companies willing to help you do so.